The largest Influencer marketing platform for brands of all sizes has been created by LTK Connect

The largest Influencer marketing platform for brands of all sizes has been created by LTK Connect ...

A new self-serve product from LTK is designed to assist corporations of any size and budget in forming, managing, and scale operations to increase sales and engagement.

LTK intends to give up to $1 million to support eligible businesses in leveraging the power of creator-guided commerce.


LTK, the largest global influencer marketing platform, is launching its new self-serve program that allows companies of all shapes and sizes to direct direct, manage, and manage their influencer marketing plans across publishing platforms, including the LTK shopping app. LTK Connect provides an effective end-to-end solution for brands to create and manage creator campaigns, from identifying and directly communicating with thousands of commerce-focused LTK creators to performance tracking, image licensing, and payments.

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A new self-serve product from LTK is intended to assist businesses of any size and budget in launching, managing, and scaling campaigns to assist in increasing sales and engagement. (Photo: Business Wire)

Thousands of businesses have worked with LTK for over a decade to help drive billions of dollars through its platform. LTK Connect opens the door for so many other businesses, particularly direct-to-consumer companies, to tap into the power of creator-guided commerce. Additionally, LTK is offering $1 million in incentives to assist eligible LTK Connect businesses in search of their learning through creator-guided shopping.

According to Kristi OBrien, the CEO of the LTK Brand Platform, providing access to brands of all sizes to the trusted LTK influencer platform that has driven success for tens of thousands of brands, as well as the top-rated shopping app with millions of shoppers is a huge challenge for these brands. We are hyper-aware of the importance of return-on-investment for these businesses, and we are focused on developing effective product solutions that assist them in driving results.

Following a beta with selected businesses, LTK Connect has now opened to all companies.

ShortyLOVE has been on the LTK platform since Day One and have always been committed! says Sloane Gibney Grossberg, the founder of shortyLOVE, and the former Marc Jacobs bags and accessories design director. It''s quite easy on the LTK platform to run a successful influencer campaign, which includes no agencies. No consultants. Now we have a real brand presence across Instagram and on the LTK app. It''s never imagined!

Humanized, Creator-Guided Shopping: The LTK Difference

LTK is developing self-driving relationships with leading retailers, based on proprietary performance data from LTK creators to increase sales and engagement. Millions of shoppers use the LTK app because it offers a humanized shopping experience led by industry leaders they trust.

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LTK (formerly rewardStyle &

LTK is the largest worldwide digital marketing platform powered by creators. It was founded in 2011 by Amber and Baxter Box to enable world''s premium lifestyle creators to be as economically successful as possible. Today, over 6,000 businesses partner with LTK to establish, operate, and distribute original content that converts against performance-driven cross-channel KPIs. LTK is currently operating on five continents.

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