40 Platform customers in Komodo Health have announced that their plans to build on Komodo

40 Platform customers in Komodo Health have announced that their plans to build on Komodo ...

The end-to-end platform, built on a healthcare map of 330 million patient journeys, has the capability to see population inputs and analytics capabilities to drive market innovation.


More than 40 people are leveraging the healthcare technology to build on Komodo. The platform, built on the company''s Healthcare Map, has given healthcare, Life Sciences, and technology their first end-to-end, out-of-the-box capabilities. For any stakeholder, from engineers to data scientists and analysts, Komodo Health has given its healthcare technology platform the option to rapidly develop solutions.

Customers can acquire their own data and analytics using the Komodos Healthcare Map, explore patient-level insights, and develop new algorithms across a wide range of healthcare applications. Komodos platform currently uses the Sentinel application. Dozens of users are experimenting with this technology to drive the next generation of machine-learning innovation with unique, nuanced insights.

  • Turquoise Health is building a platform to unlock healthcare prices and simplify payer-provider contracts. Real-world data in Komodos Healthcare Map, accessed through Sentinel, will serve as a crucial pillar of insight, allowing users to understand the full cost of a healthcare encounter. Turquoise Health will be able to leverage Komodos Sentinel application to grow and evolve their offering as they continue to scale.
  • Invitae, a leading medical genetics company, has built a unique clinicogenomic RWD solution using Sentinel. Bringing their de-identified genomic data into the Sentinel application, Invitae unlocks visibility to the complete, longitudinal patient journey to help their partners better understand the links between genetics and disease. The company is using these insights, sourced from data shared with patient consent, to drive unique research on genetic associations in a real-world environment, and to learn how to better prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.
  • DeepIntent has built a healthcare advertising platform that transforms digital campaign planning, activation, and measurement for healthcare and Life Sciences marketers. Their technology ties marketing campaigns to real-world patient and HCP behaviors by linking to Komodos Healthcare Map in Sentinel.
  • AppliedVR has built a unique clinical study on Sentinel to further investigate the efficacy of its immersive therapy for people experiencing chronic low back pain. This randomized, sham-controlled trial combined with Komodos real-world data to form a synthetic control arm and deepen their insights into patient outcomes, accelerating an alternative to traditional pharmacological, opioid, or surgical treatment.

Sentinel will help us to better identify patterns in patient journeys and benchmark prices to simplify transactions, according to Chris Severn, the CEO of Turquoise Health. Komodo''s powerful platform will ensure better alignment and transparency among payers, providers, and patients.

According to Michael Townsend, the Komodos platform is helping to accelerate a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry by reducing the complexity of developing patient-centric insights and applications across the country.

Komodo Health, a healthcare organization that helps improve decision making, and has partnered with innovators and data professionals to help us reduce the global burden of disease. In this way, we have established applications that address manual workflows. We are now empowering healthcare providers to build on our platform and to bring value to their patients.

Customers in Sentinel can also customize their own analytics and visualizations in tandem with Komodos'' unparalleled real-world patient insights to address complex challenges in healthcare, from finding rare diseases to improving provider engagement.

As Komodo continues to invest in its full-stack platform, it anticipates to introduce a slew of new capabilities within the next year, enabling users to create and commercialize their own solutions on the Komodo platform. New features include: a Studio to manage healthcare insights projects and custom workflows; a series of packaged analytics APIs and visualizations; an Analytics and Report builder with use-case templates; and the ability to organize your own analytics and dashboards. Many already business Life Sciences organizations are

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Komodo Health: What Does It Take?

Komodo Health is a software development company that is transforming the world''s most comprehensive patient journey into an enterprise software and machine learning that connects the dots between individual patient journeys and large-scale health outcomes. We provide a variety of approaches to patient interactions at scale, including high-end clinical research and enhanced AI capabilities to facilitate decision-making, address disease limitations and improve health outcomes.

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