Lazurite, a wireless surgical camera developer, has been selected to participate in a MedTech Innovationator Pitch event in Boston

Lazurite, a wireless surgical camera developer, has been selected to participate in a MedTech Innova ...


Lazurite Holdings Limited, a medical technology company, has announced that it will participate in the MedTech Innovator 2022 Road Tour Mid-Stage pitch event in Boston, May 10-11. The event will take place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, co-located with Device Talks Boston.

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The Lazurites ArthroFree wireless surgical camera system is the first such system to receive FDA market approval.

The ArthroFree Wireless Surgical Camera System has recently become the first such system to receive market approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is designed to provide improved operating room productivity, patient safety, and economic value through cost-savings, energy efficiency, and reduced setup/breakdown times.

The MedTech Innovator Mid-Stage event will feature 30 startup companies who have previously completed a series B or later of funding. Each company will present in two different locations, five times in a group setting to multiple rounds of investors, strategics, and other industry stakeholders on May 10 and 11. Five companies will be selected from these presentations to compete for a cash award by the vote of the Device Talks conference audience on their main stage.

MedTech Innovator: What''s New in the World?

MedTech Innovator will be conducting events, competitions, and presentations at JP Morgan Healthcare in San Francisco, The Wilson Sonsini Medical Device Conference in San Francisco, The MedTech Strategist in Dublin, Ireland, and San Francisco; Device Talks in Boston, and ApacMeds The MedTech Forum in Singapore.

Lazurite''s Conclusion

Lazurite (formerly Indago) is a pre-revenue medical device business with private equity. It has raised more than $18 million to date from institutional investors, family offices, and more than 50 physician champions. The ArthroFree System, the first wireless surgical camera system to receive FDA approval for broader endoscopic use, is protected by a broad intellectual property portfolio. The ArthroFree wireless camera system, the novel Meridiem light source, and other products are currently in development.

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Lazurite Holdings LLC is owned by ArthroFree and Meridiem.

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