Teleport has raised $110 million to assist engineers in obtaining access to infrastructure remotely

Teleport has raised $110 million to assist engineers in obtaining access to infrastructure remotely ...

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In a series C round of funding, Teleport, the company that is establishing an identity-based infrastructure access management platform for engineers.

While remote work and a more diverse workforce have been seen as one of the most important outcomes of the global epidemic, this has resulted in a greater need for tools and techniques to assist people work from remote locations. Nevertheless, even before the rapidly growing cloud computing revolution, there was already a growing need to be able to access critical systems without being physically present where the actual programs are running, and that basically is what Teleport does.

Teleport, which was established in 2015, provides businesses with easy, secure access to their critical infrastructure through connectivity, authentication, authorization, and audit in short, making sure that the appropriate individuals have access from anywhere.


Teleport is able to provide a unified offering to third-party applications, covering VPNs, secrets vaults, and other legacy access management tools.

Because having a single-source-of-truth improves security, it reduces operational expenses and increases end-user experiences, the Kontsevoy maintains.

Teleport assigns identities to all of the hardware, software, and peopleware that create a company''s stack, eliminating the need for passwords or private keys. It is aimed at helping organizations increase their infrastructure footprint without compromising on security.

We need to eliminate the need for secrets when it comes to infrastructure, according to Kontsevoy. Teleport eliminates the tension between security and productivity, allowing enterprises to grow faster while also improving security and compliance.

It''s also worth noting that Teleport has a community edition for business owners that need to build and operate its software, primarily on their own infrastructure. That''s how Teleport divides its pricing plans in a completely free and open-source incarnation, and a enterprise version that provides premium support and capabilities (which may be self-hosted if the client desires).

Teleports code is in the open, so anyone, including security scientists, can inspect the source code against vulnerabilities and back doors, according to Kontsevoy. This increases trust with our users, and raises the bar for our engineers, as they are fully aware that every line of code they commit will be instantly visible to the outside world. This is why we believe that proprietary solutions cannot be as secure as their open-source counterparts.

Teleport had previously raised $59 million, and with its latest cash infusion which has rated it at a decent $1.1 billion, it is well-positioned to capitalize on its recent growth. Teleport claims that its customer base has doubled and its revenue has tripled last year.

Bessemer Venture Partners sponsored the Teleports series C round, with participation from Kleiner Perkins, Insight Partners, and S28 Capital.

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