Druid, a Chatbot authoring company, has raised $15 million in funding

Druid, a Chatbot authoring company, has raised $15 million in funding ...

Druid, a no-code chatbot authoring platform used by major organizations such as UiPath and Orange, has raised $15 million in a series A round of financing.

The increase comes as companies across the industry battle with new methods to enhance their customer experience initiatives while simultaneously alleviating the labor shortage.

Druid, founded in 2018, has become a continuous learning platform that enables enterprises to intercede conversational business applications in order to encourage interaction between employees and customers via text or voice-based messaging.

Everyone at a company can leverage Druids natural language processing (NLP) smarts to interpret the end user intention and provide them with the information they most likely need in a given context. This might range from assisting HR onboard new employees to allowing retail businesses to better manage customers requests to return a product they have purchased.

On top of that, Druid gives its customers the opportunity to evaluate their chatbots'' performance and the supporting NLP model, through analytics that demonstrate how accurate the existing model is and how kind the end-user is.

Prior to now, Druid had raised nearly $6 million in investment, and with its latest series A cash injection, the company plans to double down on its hiring initiatives and expand across North America and Europe.

Karma Ventures and Hoxton Ventures co-led the Druids series A round, with the participation of a handful of other investors from around Europe.

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