On a per-gamebasis, Windows 11 users may now adjust Auto HDR

On a per-gamebasis, Windows 11 users may now adjust Auto HDR ...

Microsoft has recently announced a new Windows 11 Game Bar update, which includes an Auto HDR Intensity slider. Each game will be able to get the touch-and-off switch. The slider is also available on the Windows Store app.

Games that have their own HDR implementation usually have adaptive settings. Unfortunately, using Auto HDR on other Windows 11 games was only involved an on/off switch until now. This one-size-fits-all solution isn''t equally effective across the over 1000 games Auto HDR supports.

First, press Win+G to create the Game Bar overlay. Once there, the slider is under Settings > Gaming Features > Adjust HDR Intensity. This feature is added in a separate window, which users may attach to the game bar. Auto HDR''s on/off toggle is right above the adjust button.

Windows Insiders also had the possibility to switch off Auto HDR notifications, recognizing that some users found them excessive. The switch is under Settings > System > Notifications. Users may also tell Auto HDR to send notifications without playing sounds or showing banners.

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