This Is How Much $400K Can Get You In The Country's Most Popular Cities

This Is How Much $400K Can Get You In The Country's Most Popular Cities ...

If you live in New York or California, you may easily get the impression that $400,000 will not be sufficient to purchase any type of property, but while rising real estate costs are ramping many out of the market, there are still a number of sites in the country where this can get you a house that is higher than the average.

According to Point2 analysts, $400,000 can get 5,882 square feet in Detroit, but only 267 in Manhattan. (A typical studio apartment usually ranges between 500 and 600 square feet.)

Cleveland, Ohio (5,128), Toledo, Ohio (4,444), and Wichita, Kansas (3,846) are among the cities that offer additional square footage.

A Box In Manhattan Or A Big Home In Toledo?

San Francisco is at least 400 square feet, but New York, with all five boroughs combined, isn''t far behind at 449. Boston, Massachusetts (487), California''s Fremont (494), and San Jose (510) will offer you the least out of the country''s largest cities.

This is because, in San Jose, the hypothetical $400,000 studio is still on the market. The average home price is now $1.482 million. As $400,000 does not exist in any of the country''s ten most important towns, it keeps getting worse.

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Wichita, Kansas, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Buffalo, New York, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Indianapolis, Indiana are all worth considering for those looking for affordability -- these are all locations where $400,000 will have you between 3,000 and 4,000 square feet.

"By their generous space, homes in these 25 towns might be more attractive for those who need and desire more square footage," according to the study.

Most people don''t want it: City Life is expensive, but many do.

These sorts of numbers include moving to a less expensive neighborhood, getting a starter home, and building equity. But most buyers in these countries are now being forced out of coastal housing.

While suburbs have been presented a solution for families who want more space for a lower price for decades, the epidemic has turned it around on its head some of the most significant home price rises have been taking in urban-friendly and city-adjacent areas.

People in the suburbs were still searching for homes in January 2022, according to a Pew Research Center. A study also found that the number of people who intend to live in the suburbs increased from 42 percent to 46 percent between 2018 and 2022.

"While most people know that desirable urban areas and large living spaces are uneventful (and many are still willing to accept that compromise), many others want to see how green the grass may be on the other side of the suburban side," according to the study. "Recent research suggests that large cities might be falling from grace, with owners who work from home willing to relocate in order to get more bang for their money."

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