Hey, here's a good news: Paramount+ is getting a new Jackass show

Hey, here's a good news: Paramount+ is getting a new Jackass show ...

Are you looking for good news? Weve got it. Some of Jackass'' favorite pranksters are returning to the small screen for various shenanigans and cringey stunts. This is exactly what we need right now.

After the success of the fourth film Jackass Forever, Paramount+ is bringing the boys back to television for a new series. Regardless, Bob Bakish, director of Paramount Global, said the company was working with Paramount Global to continue the partnership with a new series, which would likely include more massive waterslides and jumping into cactus fields.

The news comes after Netflix acquired the upcoming Jackass 4.5, an extended version of Jackass Forever, which will be available on the site on May 20th. It''s unclear who will return for the new series, but the latest installment included a handful of new crew members who are willing and willing to engage in potentially dangerous stunts.

The original Jackass tv series was launched on MTV for three seasons beginning in 2000 before becoming a cult classic. However, although Johnny Knoxville revealed that he would be retiring from big stunts following his decades of stunts and 16 concussions, there is still an opportunity for him to star in the series and force all the newbies to do the big ones. Or maybe Eric Andre will step in for him. The challenges are endless!

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