In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling, a restored clip of George Carlins rant on the Pro-Life Bunch was spotted viral

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling, a restored clip of George Carlins rant on the Pro-Life Bunc ...

Sen. Susan Collins has been left with an egg on her face (regarding her ex-wife of Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court), and both Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are pleased about the possibility that Roe V. Wade will be overturned, implying that abortion rights (and certain privacy-related rights, possibly stretching to contraception and same-sex marriage) might soon be ineffective in the United States.

The Pro Life crowd is expected to travel back to the 1950s, revealing why George Carlin''s 1996 presentation on the subject has resurfaced and is going viral. Yep, [t]heres always a George Carlin clip. He enjoyed a great day pointing out differences when it comes to the group we now know as the far right.

There''s always a George Carlin clip #RoeVWade

Wu-Tang Is For The Children (@WUTangKids) May 3, 2022

Why is it that most people who are opposed to abortion are people that you wouldn''t want to f*ck in the first place? Carlin asked. They will do anything for the unborn once youre [middle finger gesture], youre on your own. After that, pro-life conservatives are obsessing about the fetus, but they do not want to worry about you. Nothing! No neo-natal care, no daycare, no treatment, if youre pre-

Carlin was pushed forth with one hell of a kicker. Conservatives refuse to reveal anything until theire military age conservatives desire live babies so they may raise them to be dead soldiers. They are not pro-life. You know what they are?

He was a good performer, and it''s no wonder that this clip is being put into oblivion.

Since the Supreme Court is planning to overturn #RoeVWade, I believe George Carlin''s is appropriate.

They are anti-women

Tony Michaels (@thetonymichaels) on May 3, 2022

Im just gonna let George Carlin speak.

Kevin L. Lee (@Klee_FilmReview) May 3, 2022

Okay, im just gonna let George Carlin sum it up, because I fucking cant.

The Man-Things Menagerie of Marvelous Monsters (@Adventurin2Fear) May 3, 2022

Be sure to be patient out there, everyone. The United States isn''t saying anything about a living room.

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