Edge Delta has raised $63 million to monitor data from the edge

Edge Delta has raised $63 million to monitor data from the edge ...

Edge Delta, a Seattle-based company that provides a platform for data observability at the edge, has today announced that it has raised $63 million in a series B round of funding.

To track mission-critical systems, the SRE team is tasked with managing streams of data logs, metrics, events, and traces. This is because the modern data ecosystem, which includes more distributed and containerized sources, is difficult. Teams must deal with an exponential volume of data, which results in productivity delays and high costs of analysis.

Edge Delta brings analysis close to source

Edge Delta is a software that automatically analyzes logs, metrics, traces, and event data as it is created at the source to help solve this problem.

Developed as a software agent as close to a data source as possible (like in the compute environment), the solution leverages federated machine learning and distributed stream processing to process and provide 100% visibility into datasets. This allows teams to route their datasets to appropriate locations, such as cloud storage or monitoring platforms, and helps to reduce observability expenses.

Edge Delta, the company''s CEO and cofounder, claims that it will analyze insights and anomalies from the data analysis and that it gives DevOps and SRE teams the whole context of each issue that may arise. With this, teams may detect more obstacles than previously imagined in traditional observability forms, and resolve them in minutes or days, according to Venturebeat.

Observability pipelines like Cribl Stream or Vector provide a boost to system data routing, but Unlu emphasized that these solutions do not provide data analysis at the source to improve anomaly detection and resolution. In a nutshell, the solution first alerts about what is going wrong and provides insight and then routes all the data associated with the problem wherever it is required.

The CEO said that we give customers a greater scope of visibility to their data source and provide intelligence (such as automated anomaly detection) that is missing from observability pipelines.

Edge Delta will focus on strengthening its recruitment and marketing efforts as well as driving R&D initiatives ahead. However, the CEO did not disclose details of the product roadmap or the post-money valuation of the company.

BAM Elevate, Earlybird Digital East, Geodesic Capital, Kin Ventures, ServiceNow, Cisco, Menlo Ventures, MaC Venture Capital, and Amity Ventures were among the other investors who participated in the latest round. Edge Delta has raised $81 million in total.

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