A fresh all-electric drone is completely silent. It uses ion propulsion?

A fresh all-electric drone is completely silent. It uses ion propulsion? ...

Imagine a high-tech drone that has zero emissions and no noise.

It might be used for a variety of applications, from search and rescue to military operations.

The present day''s vision is clear, and it carries on with ion propulsion.

According to a press release from Undefined Technologies, a Florida-based technology company has unveiled the new aesthetic design of its silent eVTOL drone called Silent Ventus, which is powered by ion propulsion.

Asustainable and less noisy urban environment

Silent Ventus is a vivid example of our desire to maintain a sustainable, sustainable, and less-noisy urban environment, according to Tomas Pribanic, the founder and CEO of Undefined Technologies. The design brings us closer to our final product and allows us to demonstrate the dual-use of our technologies.

The concept vehicle utilizes proprietary technology to fully activate the ion cloud surrounding the craft. This allows the drone to generate high levels of ion thrust in atmospheric air and take flight in near-silence.

A major milestone for all-electric drones

The drone development has been ongoing for a while. In December of 2021, the drone completed a major milestone. It took a two-minute and 30-second mission flight, where its performance, flight dynamics, endurance, and noise levels were all tested.

The crafts flight time, according to Pribanic, was increased five-fold from the previous version and increased noise levels of less than 85 decibels at the time.

According to Undefined Technologies'' website, the dronetoday "utilises innovative physics techniques to generate noise levels below 70 dB." This would make it ideal for use in the United States, where acceptable noise levels for residential, industrial, and commercial areas range from 50 to 70 dB.

The majority of drones produce noises in the range of 85 to 96 dB. Time will tell whether the new "silent" drones will inaugurate a new age of whispering drones that take no toll on the environment, and then throwing away in peace.

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