In a television series, DC is said to have wanted Drake to play Cyborg

In a television series, DC is said to have wanted Drake to play Cyborg ...

Drake was an internationally well-known rap artist when he was a kid. Well, it has been a while since hes got his last non-music video credit from 2012 (a cameo in Anchorman 2 as Soul Brother) however, fans may be hesitant to see him on the big screen as a superhero, if character designer Jared Krichevsky is to be seen.

Krichevsky posted a mock-up of Drake as Cyborg in the Justice League, claiming that it was a concept for a television series involving Drake at a time. Those who wanted to cast Drake at the same time, he explained.

Jared Krichevsky''s post (@jaredkrichevsky) has been shared.

It is not terribly surprising that the series concept fell through. After all, hundreds of shows are planned and pitched without even reaching a pilot, or simply going onto television, and it is likely that establishing a so-called "crap" to lead the show could result in all kinds of challenges with budget and schedule. Again, Drakes is a big music icon who would have wanted to be properly compensated, and most networks are n'' shelling out that kind of dough for new shows, even ones with famous faces like his

Besides, what happens when Drake appears on NBA Playoff games to heckle players, and completing his own homegrown hoop league (not to mention touring) and has no time for much world-saving. Yet, somewhere out there in the multiverse, there''s a version of Drake blasting aliens with his sonic cannon alongside a Black Lightning played by Future, which is a world I wouldnt mind seeing.

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