Lauren Boebert Tweeted About Abortion Rights Self-Righteous and Offended A Splendid Tweet And Received a Certain Swift Recommendation

Lauren Boebert Tweeted About Abortion Rights Self-Righteous and Offended A Splendid Tweet And Receiv ...

Lauren Boeberts, rootin tootin, has been greatly pleased about the possibility of Elon Musk bringing his free speech absolutem to Twitter. However, she is singing an entirely different tune for the approximately 70% of Americans who arent in favor of the Supreme Court (as indicated in a leaked memo) standing poised to overturn abortion rights (as made possible by Roe V. Wade). And Boebert has demonstrated herself to not pay much attention to the US Constitution either.

While swinging at the Womens March activists for wreaking to speak, she is merely about revealing the truth. If your response to the SCOTUS news is to dust off your stupid pink hat from 2016, Boebert tweeted. [A]nd go march to support infanticide and re-evaluate your entire life.

If your response to the SCOTUS news is to dust off your spooky pink hat from 2016 and go march to support infanticide, then re-evaluate your entire life.

Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) May 3, 2022

Yep, that''s how she said good morning to Twitter.

Good morning, Boebert says, here''s how she does it.

Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) May 3, 2022

People were quick to resign on several fronts, including how Boebert might very well be mobilizing her opponents, and its self-righteous (not to mention hypocritical) to advocate free speech, but to advise pro-choice (and women''s healthcare) activists to shut up and not protest.

70% of Americans are disagreeing with you.

Blue Vet (@63_vet) may be the first person to ever be a 63 blue vet. May 3, 2022

Lauren Boebert, why do you not believe in women''s healthcare choices?

Brandon Unger (@ungerbn103) May 3, 2022

Says the one who complains about freedoms because they had to wear a mask?

Craig Brockman (@csbrockman) May 3, 2022

Lordy, there is a tweet. Qbert changes her opinion faster than the wind changes direction.

Gary McDougall (@GMC_59) may 3, 2022.

The horizon is defined as a true believer in freedom of speech.

Byron Ricketts (@BJR3_Boston) May 3, 2022

The reevaluate your life portion of Boeberts tweet received some backlash:

If your goal is to honor women''s oppression, then re-evaluate your life.

sassyliberal (@sassyliberal1) May 3, 2022

If you want to contact Lauren Boebert for professional, effective leadership, you may re-evaluate your entire life.

sureJan (@CO_jan40) is the third person to arrive in 2022.

If your apology to the SCOTUS LEAK is to throw a punch over the loss of women''s rights and lie about infanticide, then re-evaluate your entire life.

Phobo, Lieutenant Colonel of New Jersey, may 3, 2022, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Of course, Boebert hacked the definition of infanticide, making it a fair game for Twitter.

Infanticide is the practice of killing a child within a year of BIRTH.

Before you use them, make sure you know what words are.

Smite (@7Veritas4) will be published on May 3, 2022.


Fetuses and infants are certainly different. Your GED is showing.

RazzLi (@razzli_) will go live on May 3, 2022.

If you need to brush up on those GED English skills, please follow me on

Aijiaih (@JBinqs) May 3, 2022

1) Infanticide is not a foetus, but a born baby.

2) When life starts often Congress down to religious definitions. So overturning Roe would be a de facto government endorsement of Evangelical Christianity.


Jen (@MazzuckelliJen) May 3, 2022

The day is old as it is the week. Yep, Boebert will certainly keep tweeting.

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