In the midst of record growth, has expanded its AI-powered virtual recruiting tool to entice technical talent in Latin America

In the midst of record growth, has expanded its AI-powered virtual recruiting tool to e ...

SUNNYVALE, Calif.(BUSINESS WIRE)The 3, 2022 Mercury will be announced. has announced today that it has expanded its Virtual Recruiter application to assist companies expand their engineering teams with top talent in Latin America. This move comes after the company''s huge success in 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, as well as an increasing demand for international technical talent.

Revenue and revenue growth are at an all-time high.''s revenue increased by 500 percent from strong demand and high-velocity sales in 2021. Besides, a robust group of high-growth, high-growth, high-growth, high-velocity businesses expanded to client accounts, bringing a 300% increase in the total number of customers.

We are thankful for the outstanding achievements we made this year, according to Andrew Dong, the CEO of As competition for talent heats up, our solution is satisfied with demand head on. Our team is already off to a new high in 2022, with enthusiastic feedback from customers continuing to guide our business and product strategy.

Most recently, the company has tripled the number of customers with annual subscriptions (the majority of whom have an ACV of $100K+) since the end of 2021, accelerating the path to predictable growth.

Expanding the use of a virtual recruiting tool to cover talent in Latin America has expanded its talent coverage to Latin America in the last year, allowing businesses to efficiently identify, vet, and engage technical talent at an all-time high. This development has occurred in just one month, owing to its AI-powered platform and a vertical approach to talent sourcing.

We didn''t have to make any significant changes to our technology; it is capable of working in any country with English-speaking skills. Late America was a natural expansion, and we were just waiting for the right moment, according to Alan Shang, our CEO at We have already seen early success of this expansion with our clients. We hope that we will continue to expand our Virtual Recruiter solution into other in-demand areas and verticals in the near future. is the subject of speculation. uses a wide variety of applications to integrate and retain a diverse workforce. Virtual Recruiter, an AI-powered and human-assisted recruiting platform, is currently focusing on solving the top-of-the-funnel talent sourcing problem for technical and sales recruiting. It then engages qualified candidates at scale and delivers candidates ready for interviews in days.

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