Acoustix Racks' Cherry-Picking and Reformatting Tubes

Acoustix Racks' Cherry-Picking and Reformatting Tubes ...

A new adaptor kit allows the Ziath Mohawk tube selector to quickly and easily pick and reformat tubes from Azenta Life Sciences Acoustix racks used by the most recent generation of Labcyte Echo acoustic liquid dispensers.

Acoustix is a small sample tube with a screw cap that has been widely used for the storage of novel compounds in compound storage facilities. However, many automated tube selectors have struggled to effectively handle Acoustix tubes due to their smaller size and their attachment to racks that are suspended upside down in the Labcyte Echo acoustic dispenser.

The Acoustix adaptor for Mohawk lowers the effectiveness of the Mohawk tube selector lid by introducing a clear acrylic plate at a lower height that easily prevents Acoustix tubes from departing the inverted rack. This also simplifies and improves the speed of Acoustix tube pick on the Mohawk. Using a new Acoustix software plug-in, a quick and easy single tube cherry-picking and reformatting from Acoustix racks with automatic confirmation of

The Mohawk semi-automated is designed to work out of the box and requires no installation or calibration. An intuitive interface for pick list operations is often initiated from reading the 1D code on a rack onto the Mohawk, but manual selection is also advisable.

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