California is on the verge of utilizing 100% renewable energy

California is on the verge of utilizing 100% renewable energy ...

According to Desert Sun, renewable energy sources distributed around 100% of energy demand in the United States on Saturday.

Environmentalists praised this achievement, which was first reported as more than 100 percent by an online energy tracker.

CAlifornia takes a breather above 100% on this historic day for clean energy!

California just shy of the 100 mark

According to Desert Sun, a non-profit organization that tracks the state''s bulk electric power system and electricity received and transmitted by its utilities had previously disclosed that the state had received 101 percent of its power from renewable energy, the little excess being exported to neighboring states.

State-owned utilities double-checked the data and adjusted slightly due to battery charging and reserve levels, raising the number to 99.87 percent of the 18,672 megawatts load on Saturday. The number also beat the state''s previous record of 97.58 percent, according to a spokesperson for CAISO. The milestone lasted for 15 minutes, which added the renewables to 97 percent.

The renewables break-up

12,391 MW or about two-thirds of the energy provided came from solar panels connected to the state''s electrical grid, while the remainder came from wind, geothermal, and other renewable sources.

Environmentalists in the state were pushing for a measure that mandates the state to meet its entire energy demand by 2045. This recent milestone is a significant achievement for those who, however, advocated for a million solar rooftops in the state rather than establishing solar farms.

Hydropower in the state is weakening due to the severe droughts the region has experienced, while the state has also decided to shut down the Diablo Canyon nuclear power facility by 2025, according to Electrek.

California is still far away from being completely independent of fossil fuels. It still operates its natural gas powered power stations, but diverts the energy generated to other states when it has excess.

The shady Saturday in the sun is a blow in the arm of the government and environmentalists who want the state to be powered by 100% of clean energy, most of the time.

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