Every day, Starlink connects 150,000 Ukrainians to the internet

Every day, Starlink connects 150,000 Ukrainians to the internet ...

According to CNBC, as many as 150,000 Ukrainians connect to the internet daily grace to SpaceX''s Starlink internet services. The number is based on interesting data, which Ukraine''s Digital Minister reveals in a tweet.

Starlink''s usage is estimated to be around 150K active users per day. This is critical for Ukraine''s infrastructure and restore the destroyed territories. Ukraine will remain connected no matter what. pic.twitter.com/XWjyxPQJyX

Fedorov had reached out to Elon Musk after the Russian aggression, seeking his help to establish satellite internet services in the region. It took Musk and SpaceX about ten hours to respond and activate the internet services in the region, where it hadn''t launched its commercial activities yet.

How Ukraine got its Starlink terminals

Although SpaceX had satellites in place to offer the service, only a limited number of people had purchased the required on-ground hardware (dish terminals) needed to connect with these satellites. Ukraine was in desperate need of Starlink terminals, and assistance poured in from all sides.

Over 10,000 Starlink terminals have been built in Ukraine, according to a recent NBC News report. During the war, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) procured 1,333 terminals, revealing that 5,000 terminals were provided by various stakeholders.

A terminal serving scores of customers

According to SpaceX''s latest reports, its Starlink service has about 250,000 subscribers worldwide, including individual and enterprise customers. So, the numbers coming out of Ukraine might leave the impression that most users of the service are currently based in Ukraine alone. However, concerns about the service''s coverage and long-term economic viability may surface.

It is important to note that the daily active user count is different from the subscriber number. Starlink is a wireless router that allows multiple users to connect to the internet. While this might not be true in Ukraine, it gives us a fair understanding of how 150,000 people are connected every day to the internet using Starlink''s satellite internet services.

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