Teleport has raised $110 million to assist remote accessing infrastructure

Teleport has raised $110 million to assist remote accessing infrastructure ...

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Teleport, the company behind a self-driving infrastructure access management platform for engineers, has raised $110 million in a series C round of financing.

While remote work and a more distributed workforce have been one of the most significant impacts of the global epidemic, this has prompted a greater need for tools and technologies to assist people working from different locations. Despite the growing demand for remote work even before the recent revolution, however, the rapid rise in cloud computing prompted the realization that there was already a shift in demand for solutions to critical systems without being physically present where actual programs are running, and that, basically, is what Teleport does.

Teleport, which was first established in 2015, provides businesses with easy, secure access to their critical infrastructure through connectivity, authentication, authorization, and audit in short, ensuring that the right people can access the correct systems at the correct time, from anywhere.


Teleport serves to supplant a host of third-party services with a combined product, covering the likes of VPNs, secrets vaults, and other legacy access management tools.

Because having a single-source-of-truth improves security, it reduces operational overhead and improves end-user experiences, the narrator says.

Teleport protects and eliminates the need for passwords or private keys as a result of its large business. Elastic, Snowflake, VMware, and DoorDash are all interested in helping businesses expand their infrastructure footprint without compromising on security.

We must eliminate the need for secrets when it comes to infrastructure, according to Kontsevoy. Teleport clears the gap between security and productivity, allowing businesses to grow faster while also improving security and compliance.

It''s also worthwhile to note that Teleport also has a community edition that allows a company to build and run their own software, mainly for companies who have no infrastructure. That''s how Teleport divides its pricing plans into a totally free and open source incarnation, and a fully self-hosted enterprise version, if the client wishes.

Everyone, including security researchers, can inspect the source code against vulnerabilities and back doors, according to Kontsevoy. This strengthens trust with our users and raises the bar for our engineers as they understand that every line of code they commit will be instantly visible to the outside world. This is why we believe that proprietary solutions cannot be as secure as their open source counterparts.

Teleport claimed to have raised around $59 million in advance, and the company has developed a solid financial horizon to expand on its recent growth, which it claimed to have seen its customer base almost double and increased last year.

Bessemer Venture Partners was a partner in Teleports'' series C meeting, with the participation of Kleiner Perkins, Insight Partners, and S28 Capital.

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