Syxsense wants to provide a shared endpoint management and security cloud-based service

Syxsense wants to provide a shared endpoint management and security cloud-based service ...

Syxsense, an IT and security management company, has released its Syxsense Enterprise, which involves endpoint management and endpoint security, and is designed to provide real-time vulnerability monitoring and remediation for any endpoint in an organization network.

The new SaaS-based unified endpoint management and management platform aims to integrate patch management, vulnerability scanning and remediation, and mobile device management (MDM) into a single central console. The aim is to assist IT teams in navigating, discovering, and protecting all endpoints with visibility across all desktop, laptop, server, and mobile devices.

Detecting vulnerabilities and new devices

Over one in four IT experts (27%) confirmed that their company had been hacked due to an unpatched vulnerability (the EU figure was even higher, at 34%).

Generally speaking, 59 percent of experts indicated they can locate new hardware and software on their network within hours, while many indicated that it''s a lengthy manual process, with 35 percent stating that less than half of their assets are identified automatically.

Unified solution puts it all in one place

Syxsense Enterprise combines all of the capabilities needed to keep endpoint devices up to date (patch management), remote management of endpoint devices (device management), and detect and remediate security issues from a single console.

Through our customers, we can provide a unified cloud solution, which allows them to instantly secure business-critical resources and streamline security operations. Ashley Leonard, the CEO of Syxsense, said in a press release that she''s transferring to another program to remediate vulnerabilities.

Remediation workflows made easy

Syxsense Enterprise forms a workflow automation platform called Syxsense Cortex. This tool eliminates the need for sophisticated remediation scripting and provides a simple-to-use editor for designing remediation workflows.

Syxsense provides prebuilt remediation procedures for active threats, allowing the team to quickly identify software shortcomings in the operating system and third-party applications, as well as open ports, deactivated firewalls, and inadequate user account policies. A team can simply receive the workflow, modify it to their liking, and then send it out.

Enhanced management of mobile devices

Syxsenses has developed a mobile device management solution that supports both Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. This application includes all the information required for device enrollment, inventory, and configuration management, application deployment, data containerization, and remote device lock/reset/wipe (during it possible for IT to remove sensitive data).

Qualys, Tenable, Rapid7, Ivanti, and others are among the leading providers of services.

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