After rumors that Roe V. Wade might be overturned, people are remorsing Susan Collins' support for Brett Kavanaugh

After rumors that Roe V. Wade might be overturned, people are remorsing Susan Collins' support for B ...

Politico posted a leaked draft of a majority opinion from the Supreme Court that strongly suggested that Roe v. Wade would be overturned. The 1973 decision, which protected a woman''s right to abortion in the United States, has long been a target of the far right, including its movie makers. (Though its obliteration is extremely unpopular with American voters.) The leaked argument was written by Samuel Alito, and it says the decision must be overruled.

While the Supreme Court has yet to make the decision official (and will not until June), news that they almost certainly will cause instant distress across social media. (Though it made Marjorie Taylor Greene so happy she cried.) There was concern about women living in Republican-dominated states that their rights would be removed next year, such as contraception, same-sex marriage, and others. There was concern that America might rejoin the territory of Handmaids Tale.

And there was anger over moderate lawmakers who allowed such a thing to happen.

One of them is Susan Collins, a moderate Republican senator from Maine who has often reached across the aisle, breaking with the majority of her party (though not always). One instance where she took their side was when she found out about current Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanagh''s confirmation in 2018. She claimed that the controversial future justice would never vote to strike down Roe v. Wade. Yet there''s his name, one of five justices who the leak revealed is planning to do just that.

Videos of Collins going on news shows, saying Kavanaugh would not, were shared after the Politico news spread.

Sen. Susan Collins says Kavanaugh will not vote to overturn Roe v. Wade in a different way:

j.d. durkin (@jd_durkin) May 3, 2022

Susan Collins is here three years ago, assuring us that Roe would be safe if Kavanaugh was elected to the Supreme Court.

Catastrophically wrong isn''t just doing it.

Caroline Orr Bueno, Ph.D (@RVAwonk) May 3, 2022

People were angry with the very wrong senator.

Susan Collins, kindly said that she was grateful.

Joyce Alene (@JoyceWhiteVance) will be announced on May 3, 2022.

FUCK SUSAN COLLINS. is a good idea.

Billy eichner (@billyeichner) May 3, 2022

Today, we give you a big thank you to Susan Collins.

Brian Tyler Cohen (@briantylercohen) may 3, 2022.

Someone asks @SenatorCollins what happened to ''gelate law''

Erin Ryan (@morninggloria) May 3, 2022

Fuck Alito. Fuck Kavanaugh. Fuck Barrett. Fuck Gorsuch. Fuck Susan Collins.

Susan Collins (@imalwaysrightb) will be the subject of a lawsuit on May 3, 2022.

Womens control over their own bodies should never be placed in the balance of a Susan Collins character reference.

Bryan Behar (@bryanbehar) May 3, 2022

Others fought to get their anger sorted into gallows humor.

The Susan Collins Fret Level has been increased to Perturbed. I repeat, Perturbed.

This is not a skill.

Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) May 3, 2022

Susan Collins'' eyebrow has been ruffled in on her, and her head has now been inside out.

Charles P. Pierce (@CharlesPPierce) May 3, 2022

The Supreme Court has learned from it.

Susan Collins is the author of this book.

Pitchbot of the New York Times (@DougJBalloon) May 3, 2022

Pease me once, sorry on you.

There are many reasons I''ve come to mind.

(@freshwaterpurl) January 27, 2022

Im sure Susan Collins is profoundly sorry by this decision.

Kim Mangone (@KimMangone) May 3, 2022

Weird it''s almost as if the Supreme Court justices believe there''s a certain kind of right to make judgments in private

The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) May 3, 2022

The Supreme Court leak is nearing unprecedented, and the fate of Roe v. Wade may take another direction. Until then, the American people have the time to speak up. Who knows? Perhaps Democratic legislators, who have control of the White House and both parties of Congress, might even do something.

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