Ella - Your Next Generation Automated ELISA

Ella - Your Next Generation Automated ELISA ...

With Ella''s fully automated Simple Plex assays, you''ll get highly reproducible validated assay data with no manual steps in less than 90 minutes. With Ellas hand-free automation, you can produce highly consistent, reproducible data across multiple users and labs.

Why should you choose Ella as your immunoassay platform?

Per assay, no longer need to spend a lot of time managing manual ELISAs. Only 10-15 minutes of hands-on preparation time are required.

No additional training is required, but less training is required, given Ellas'' ease of use and minimal hands-on training. Generate complete analysis data in as little as 90 minutes. At R&D Systems, the most respected manufacturer of immunoassay kits, simple Plex tests are powered by ELISAs and have over 30 years of training experience.

Ella Reagent Rental Program* allows you to loan a ProteinSimple Ella instrument from Bio-Techne, while also agreeing to a minimum Simple Plex cartridge order. This allows you to benefit from Ella''s automated capabilities without the initial capital investment. We will work with you to maximize your budget and offer you options to extend the loan agreement or purchase the instrument further down the line.

*This promotion is only open to customers based in the EMEA area.

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