William Shatner Is Not Alone in Twitter, But He's Not Alone

William Shatner Is Not Alone in Twitter, But He's Not Alone ...

Everything is always a topic of concern.

Elon Musk, Tesla''s CEO, paid $44 billion for the acquisition of Twitter, according to his announcement.

People who currently work at Twitter had a very divisive reaction to this trend, with some employees happy with the news and others concerned about whether or not they trust Musk.

Many employees are concerned that Musk will weaken moderation, resulting in a rise in hate speech on the site, leaked video from a All-Hands meeting with Parag Agrawal.

There are still many people who do not work on Twitter that semblent do not share them. Using Twitter to try and get in touch with the new boss in hopes of getting a new job.

Or they''re just trying to get a laugh.

Whos Trying To Get Hired At Twitter?

Musk''s whole thing is about going to space. At least, that''s one of his main functions.

So he was totally amazed to see that actor William Shatner from Star Trek, aka Captain James T. Kirk himself, tweeted that he wants to be the new face of Twitter, and that Musk is adorbing.

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Even if you didn''t know that Musk is a Star Trek fan, you''d likely just assume that based on his entire resentment, and he was touched by the shout-out.

Shatner long-ago made having a joke his whole thing, but while hed would probably make an interesting choice as Twitter''s new face, this is likely a joke.

According to a MIT research scientist, Lex Fridman, who applied for the position of chief love officer, demanding a salary of $69, according to Musk''s favorite number.

While some people are just having fun and perhaps hoping for Musk''s clout-boosting reaction, others seem to realize that they want to come on board and use the service to shoot their shots.

Some People Really Want To Work At Twitter

Nikita Bier, the co-creator of TBH, which was acquired by Facebook, was more sincere in their tweet, stating that Twitter has the potential to be the leading messenger, group app, and content creation tool.

Initially, many people began using Twitter as their own personal LinkedIn, requesting that Musk hire them.

Many people are likely to be conscientious, but a few are likely to be inquisitive.

The best of luck for potential applicants.

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