Universal's most recent acquisition is so much less expensive than Disney

Universal's most recent acquisition is so much less expensive than Disney ...

Many people are looking forward to going through summer vacations as the threat of the epidemic has slowed enough to allow for things like family vacations.

When it comes to vacationing, parents are always looking for a place to help their kids.

If you want to keep your brood awake for days on end, read the Walt Disney Company Reportis.

Although many of the attractions returned as a result of Covid, another soon-to-come price hike is making the experience more expensive than ever (which some people don''t think to be).

There are a number of options to consider if you''re not quite ready to pay thousands for Disney right now. Many try Universal CMCSA''stheme parks, which may be even quite costly, but not on the Mouse House level.

Universal is aware that it is in a position to attract some of the Disney guests, and that it is working on new attractions to help them attract them.

One of the new films for "Despicable Me" is particularly enthralling for young fans.

Universal Port, located in the city of San Francisco.

What is Universal''''s Newest Attraction?

If your kids are more into Minions than Mickey, Universal''s will have a new hotel that will likely turn them into joyous paroxysms.

The ten new rooms, which were based on the Super Silly Funland amusement park from the original film, are all but as cheerful and bright as you''d expect, bringing the total room options for "Despicable Me" to 12 (there were already two).

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You may also check out a giant caterpillar bunk bed, see television in a stand that looks similar to the Space Killer game from the movies, and a funhouse mirror in the bathroom.

Universal Port of the Hotel

These rooms are located at the Hotel Universal Port in Osaka, Japan, and will be available for reservations starting June 14.

The rooms are capable of accommodating four people and start at 21,000 yen ($161.38 US) per night, which is so much less than even the cheapest of Disney hotels.

Universal Port of the Hotel

While Universal''s locations in the United States do not have these exact hotel rooms, you may stay in a similarly-themed one at the Loews Portofino Bay hotel at Universal Orlando.

The actual rate to stay in one of these rooms is even more expensive than many Disney suites, which have cost $1,154 per night since this writing.

If your hotels aren''t the ideal choice for you, Universal Studios has a slew of "Despicable Me" attractions, including the Super Silly Fun Land play zone and the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, which you may get to at both the Hollywood and Florida parks.

If you want to travel to Japan to see these rooms, it may be worth it to schedule your trip sometime in November to also commemorate the opening of the long-awaited Studio Ghibli park, which will feature roles in "Spirited Away," "My Neighbor Totoro," and "Howl''s Moving Castle."

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