Louis Leterrier will be a quick-forward executive

Louis Leterrier will be a quick-forward executive ...

Many wondered why Justin Lin was chosen as director of the latest Fast And Furious installment. Among the most common explanations, Vin Diesel is being a bit of a diva, though nobody knows for sure. Well, they have quickly found a new director to step in, as producers were scrambling after the shooting started last week.

Loius Leterrier will play for Lin, according to Variety. He is no stranger to action films: he directed The Incredible Hulk (the Edward Norton one) as well as the first two Transporter films, and the classic action/magic thriller, Now You See Me.

Diesel and Charlize Theron began filming just last week, with Jason Momoa, a newcomer, preparing to reprise the role as the villain (hes very pleased). Lin has since resigned as the director of five of the franchise''s films over the past decade. He will still work as a producer.

The Fast franchise has a fair share of behind-the-scenes drama, which is only natural when you get a ton of celebrities and million-dollar automobiles in one room. Recently, Diesel pleaded for The Rock to return to the franchise, which he denied. Some individuals need to retire from the fast lane!

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