Piers Morgan is so pleased to see Donald Trump crackers on his embarrassing interview

Piers Morgan is so pleased to see Donald Trump crackers on his embarrassing interview ...

Donald Trump is still reeling from his confrontation with Piers Morgan two weeks later, and the British television host is completely agreeing with it. Morgan arrived by Fox & Friends on Monday morning, where he asked Steve Doocy and the gang about the former president''s ongoing annoyance.

According to Trump''s latest criticism, the ratings for the Piers Morgan interview with me were excellent! Unfortunately, after that interview, his show was completely bombed because of the false narrative he wanted to portray.

Morgan couldn''t help but think about the whole thing, even though Trump essentially tried to claim that the interview had both impressive ratings, but that the interview was also somewhat bombed.

Piers discusses his viral Donald Trump interview on Fox and Friends:@piersmorgan | @foxandfriends | #piersuncensored pic.twitter.com/pErOqcZLoX

Piers Morgan Uncensored (@PiersUncensored) May 2, 2022

I think youve got a great interview when a recently departed president of the United States made not one, not two, but three statements so far. All of these were contradicting statements from Morgan''s perspective about how it went.

Morgan, who is slowly taking steps to reduce Trump''s heat by addressing the former president who regularly watches Fox & Friends. As Morgan tells Trump, the promo that hes so mad about worked because people appeared in, and more importantly, they didn''t think Trump looked that bad.

Everyone I know who watched it thought you got it going quite well, according to Morgan. Why is it really important to you to get rid of the 30-second promotional offer? I just used a promotional program to get people to watch. It worked! Everyone was watched!

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