People are already banning their televisions playing Nintendo Switch sports

People are already banning their televisions playing Nintendo Switch sports ...

Remember how fun Wii Sports was? The motion based sports game that was included with every Nintendo Wii quickly became a game where everyone was enthused by their tiny Mii avatars playing tennis, golf, bowling, and boxing. It quickly became a game that everyone from the most experienced gamers to who had never played a video game would go around and try a little too hard.

While playing Wii Sports, there are always occasions that the player may not use full force while copying movements and always wear the wrist strap. Some players would be disciplined with these and the results would involve their controller, the Wii Mote, flying out of their hands and straight into their TV. Viral videos and images of people smashing flat screen televisions with Wii controllers were everywhere from message boards to local newspapers.

Since Nintendo Switch Sports has been released, everyone will be much more careful right now. Nintendo has spent much of the lead up to Switch Sports, reminding everyone to wear their suits, and when they play these games they forget to smash their television.

As you know, at least one person has smashed their TV while playing Switch Sports, and they even managed to do it on Stream for everyone to see.

What''s really remarkable about this clip is that when you imagine someone destroying a television, you notice them aggressively swinging their controller around, but no this is someone simply flicking their wrist and sending their controller flying into their TV. The whole story is told in the moment.

Reviews on Nintendo Switch Sports have been very positive. It doesn''t have the same mass appeal that Wii Sports had, but most people not smashing their televisions are having a really relaxing time with it. If you do decide to go out and buy it then please wear your straps. If you do not, youre gonna be like this poor guy.

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