Square Enix will build blockchain games, but thats not everything it takes to do it

Square Enix will build blockchain games, but thats not everything it takes to do it ...

Square Enix is offloading some of its largest studios. The publisher announced that it will selling Crystal Dynamics and Eidos to Embracer Group, a European megapublisher. This partnership permits Square to transfer these less-profitable teams off its books. This is especially important during a costly reloading phase for Crystal Dynamics and Eidos, according to Niko Partners'' senior investigator.

Square Enixs western studios have underperformed across AAA games based on a proprietary IP, plus previously licensed IP like Marvel, according to GamesBeat. Embracer Group is likely to take on more than just the $300 million price tag in the long term. Embracer will be aiming to leverage the talent pool and IP of these studios to generate returns over the long term.

Square Enix''s publisher reiterated his position. Crystal Dynamics and Eidos free up resources for more profitable projects. Square also claims that it will instead pursue blockchain, AI, and the cloud. Again, the company believes that these areas will increase its net income.

According to Ahmad, Square Enix intends to expand its game business by investing in its core development teams in Japan, as well as other emerging technologies such as cloud, AI, and Blockchain.

Square Enix is likely to be a big talk from investors. Blockchain is trendy with investors, and maybe leadership at the publisher wants to capture some of that buzz. However, Dr. Serkan Toto, a Tokyo-based consultant with Kantan Games, believes Square Enix is serious about its interest in emerging technology.

I believe the companies will invest substantial in the blockchain and metaverse space, and that their president has announced this move many times now, according to Toto.

I believe that the banks will really invest heavily in the blockchain and metaverse space, and this is why the president has announced this move enough times.

In a New Year letter to supporters and investors, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda revealed the company is exploring blockchain and NFTs.

Toto says the villagers will focus more on high-quality Japanese games that are capable of being shipped to the rest of the world.

Square Enixs'' Japanese efforts have failed to perform quite the same as Crystal Dynamics or Eidos. Those teams and partnerships have produced critically harrowing items such as Balan Wonderworld, The Quiet Man, Left Alive, and Babylons Fall.

While Square Enix might be able to invest in the quality now that it isn''t splitting its focus as much.

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