Putin's Oligarch is right now on the run, thanks to an Oligarch critic

Putin's Oligarch is right now on the run, thanks to an Oligarch critic ...

The fortunes of a host of high-profile Russian oligarchs who were caught in the economic losses caused by the country''s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has been troubling for over two months.

When Russia began its offensive on February 24, global authorities took the initiative to sanction anyone who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin or known to be linked to the Kremlin.

A select of professional people who had profited from selling Russia''s natural resources following the Soviet Union''s exit in 1991.

It spread over almost the entire Duma, Russia''s parliament, and had wide-ranging implications across the globe.

As the war continues, those sanctions have become stiffer, and a likely to begin chafing some of the billionaires who lost the majority of their known wealth.

Many of those oligarchs have remained silent about the change, although they may be devastating to their bottom line, for reasons of nationalism or a respect for Putin''s security services, or both.

There has been the occasional outburst from internationally recognized regulators who were furious with Putin for putting so much trade in jeopardy.

Then, he comes in.

Vladimir Potanin is the reign of the US president.

Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

Criticism of Putin''''s War

Tinkov made headlines on April 19 when he posted a facebook page despicable of Putin''s invasion of Ukraine and giving a disturbing remark about the Russians who are in charge of the war.

In a letter written here, he said, "in Russian," the country''s army has been particularly affected by the disconnect between nationalism and active warfare.

"The (Russian) generals, who were awakened with a hangover, realized that they had a weak army," Tinkov said.

"And how would the army be good if everything else in the country is sh*t and dragged in nepotism, sycophancy, and servility?"

Without respecting Putin, an Oligarch tries to come to peace.

Tinkov reveals that the majority of politicians in power or the Kremlin-adjacent have joined Putin''s "Z" campaign, which draws this letter around Russia to demonstrate their support for the conflict.

He described those who do "morons" as out of touch with reality.

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"Kremlin officials are squibbling that neither they nor their children will return to the Mediterranean in the summer. Businessmen are attempting to protect the rest of their property," he said.

He added in a post that 90% of Russians are opposed to the war, which has infiltrated the country''s harsh penalties, and that he was urging western leaders to find a way to halt the conflict that does not embarrass Putin.

"Dear the ''collective West'', please give Mr. Putin a clear exit to save his face and stop this horrific," Tinkov said in English.

"Please be more compassionate and rational."

''''The Kremlin Will Kill Me''''

Tinkov is settling the price for speaking out.

In a conversation with the New York Times on May 2, Tinkov said that he had heard from friends with links to the Kremlin''s security forces that his life was now in danger after criticizing the war effort.

A key point of view is that if the Kremlin didn''t breakties completely, the operation would be nationalized.

They said that the statements of your shareholder are not welcome, and that if he does not sell it and the owner does not change the name, then you will not change the name, according to Tinkov.

Assets Sold to Putin Crony

Vladimir Potanin, Putin''s closest friend, has purchased a 35% share in the company, according to TCS Group Holding. Potanin is a regular hockey buddy of the Russian president and a mining oligarch in his own right.

Tinkov told the paper that he is on the run in an unidentified country and said that since he had already beaten leukemia several years ago, perhaps the Kremlin will assassinate me.

He said that his decision on you has been made. Whether that means that out of everything they''ll kill me, I dont know. I do not exclude it.

After the Soviet Union''s collapse, Tinkov invested in mining operations and wholesale electronics, as well as guns, a wide range of retail options, beer, a cycling team, credit cards, and even a record label.

He previously owned over a third of TCS Group Holding, but isn''t the chairman of Tinkoff Bank.

Tinkov was estimated to be worth about $8.2 billion in 2014, but the amount, which he claims to be worth less than $1 billion in 2022, has reportedly decreased.

"I''m not sure whether or not this crazy war would benefit one person. In this post, innocent people and soldiers are dead," Tinkov said.

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