DJ Khaled Desired a Happy Meal

DJ Khaled Desired a Happy Meal ...

A restaurant called The Happy Meal once was one of McDonalds (MCD) - Get McDonald''s Corporation Reportsignature, alongside the McNuggets and, certainly, the Big Mac (though lets show some respect for the Shamrock Shake as well).

The item, which traditionally includes a hamburger or McNuggets, a small order of fries, maybe some cookies, a toy (often tied to a larger advertising campaign with an upcoming film) and a drink, was first introduced in 1979 in order to make parents feel comfortable with returning their children to McDonalds.

Eventually, activists started pushing for McDonalds to offer healthier alternatives for kids, and the toys were largely phased out in order to help McDonalds become a more environmentally sustainable company.

McDonalds removed the Happy Meal from its Value Menu in 2018, implying it was no longer available for $3 or less, implying that it made it an attractive option for budget-conscious parents with multiple children. McDonalds claims that the reason for the removal was to give the company more flexibility with what it offered on the Value Menu, and that certain sites would continue to offer them at a higher price point.

McDonalds failed to make a big deal out of largely ending the Happy Meal, so many parents assumed it was no longer available. And one parent, who just so happens to be a hit producer and social media powerhouse, recently took to Instagram to express his displeasure and displeasure with the company.

DJ Khaled Is Sad About Happy Meals

DJ Khaled Mohammed Khaled, the Miami-based author, producer, and DJ born, is a leading hip-hop producer, having previously included the hits "I''m the One" and "Wild Thoughts," on the Billboard Hot 100.

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DJ Khaled is a master of brand consistency. He enjoys an opportunity to remind listeners that he and his crew are the same, as the picture implies. Hes also made being a loving father a major part of his brand, naming his 2019 album Father of Asadh.

Khaled explained in an Instagram (MVRS) over the weekend that he was planning to have a father-son bonding day, which he hopes to have a happy meal.

Unfortunately, Khaled had not observed the behind-the-scenes policy changes in the fast food industry very closely, as he was sad to discover that the Happy Meal would not be forthcoming.

Khaled said in an Instagram post that we went to every McDonald''s; they have no Happy Meals nowhere. I don''t know why McDonald''s aren''t happy eating.

Khaled explains that he went to five different McDonalds locations, only to be denied a Happy Meal every time.

Persistence Pays Off For Khaled

After the fifth try, Khaled got what he was looking for, according to a follow-up note while also pleading with McDonalds to sell the item.

Mcdonalds want more happy meals, according to DJ Khaled in the caption. Bless up and love @mcdonalds just want everyone to know [there''s] no happy meals nowhere, but the great people at this @mcdonalds got one for my son @asahdkhaled.

In order to show theres no long feelings, he posted one last clip of him giving him his other famous catchphrase, namely one. (And hey, at least he didnt have to tell his son, and now we must go to another of the McDonalds franchise locations.")

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