Intel's Chip Shortage Forecast Has Changed (You Won't Like It)

Intel's Chip Shortage Forecast Has Changed (You Won't Like It) ...

As a result of the chip shortage, we didn''t realize how much we are relying on them every day.

From laptops and video game consoles to medical devices, and even our cars, chips power much of what we use regularly, from the way we work and travel, to the ways we enjoy leisure time.

Plus smart devices are on the market, and more chips are required to power them, and as we become more accustomed to that in our technology, the demand for them is increasing at an exponential pace.

During a confrontation between China and the United States, China''s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) was forced to suspend the US Department of Commerce.

People have either joined long waiting lists in hopes of eventually purchasing the items they desire, or switched to the secondhand market to buy new automobiles and electronics, many of whom have surpassed their market value.

AMD (AMD) - Get Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. reports experiencing the largest decrease thanks to a 41% loss in valuation.

When we can anticipate a great supply of chips again, one of the world''s top names has said, and unfortunately, the news is not what we''d expect.


When Will the Chip Shortage End?

According to a CNN interview, Pat Gelsinger, Intel''s chief executive, was updating his previous prediction for the duration of the chip shortage.

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Initial, he predicted that it would last until 2023. In his earlier remarks, he said that time has now "drifted" into 2024.

According to Gelsinger, equipment shortages have increased, and "some of these factory ramps will be more damaged."

Intel has invested $20 billion in chip-making businesses in order to combat this problem, such as spending on new infrastructure in Ohio.

Gelsinger claims that this article is part of a strategy to reduce China''s dependence on Asian-based chips.

Intel will also invest $36 billion in Europe to do the same.

The truth is so bad that the future may come to an end, as hope had begun.

Global chip shortages, according to counterpoint research, would decrease in the second half of 2022 as demand supply gaps decreased.

A lot of people are concerned that video game consoles that have been out of stock since 2021 have begun to reappeathe on retail store shelves.

If we are in for the long run, please maintain good care of your laptop and your car, because purchasing a new one may not be as simple as it used to be.

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