This Oaxacan Old Fashioned Is The Perfect Cinco De Mayo Cocktail

This Oaxacan Old Fashioned Is The Perfect Cinco De Mayo Cocktail ...

If you prefer to mix up a fresh tequila cocktail, this is the time to go. While a margarita, a paloma, ranch water, or even the 70s classic tequila sunrise might be the first drinks to come to mind, there''s also a Oaxacan old fashioned, which is also quite straightforward to make at home, as long as you have all the ingredients.

Because this drink is a modern classic. It originated from Death and Co., a company which manages to host one of our favorite hotels in Denver. The drink was developed in the mid-aughts, just as the mezcal boom sparked out. Now that the mezcal and tequila boom is affecting the stratosphere, it is also getting an all-time huge backlash.

The Oaxacan old fashioned is both tasty and straightforward. If you can eat a bourbon old fashioned, you may make it.

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