After requesting Nancy Pelosis' apology, Lauren Boeberts was being dragged for her dangerous faces

After requesting Nancy Pelosis' apology, Lauren Boeberts was being dragged for her dangerous faces ...

Rootin tootin Lauren Boeberts never was a fan of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Much of this has to do with the party line, though, Boebert said he reportedly thrown a mask at a staffer following Pelosi''s House floor mandate and has publicly called for tearing down fencing (put into place per Pelosi following the failed MAGA coup) around the US Capitol. Boebert also famously tweeted about Pelosis'' removal from the House floor during the insur

As if that wasn''t enough, Boebert once declared that the house speaker would be a speaker in the Senate someday, and when that happens, shell used the building metal detectors as practice targets. So, of course, she had to take a swing at Pelosi for traveling to Ukraine when Boebert appears to see the United States-Mexico border as the worst danger of all.

Pelosi may travel to a war zone to check on Ukraine, according to Boebert. [B]ut hasn''t been able to take a plane down to our Southern Border all year long.

Pelosi is capable of going into a war zone to investigate Ukraine, but hasn''t been able to take a plane to our Southern Border for the whole year.

Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) may 1, 2022.

Boebert offered a cardboard standee of President Kamala Harris to the US-Mexico border, and the Republican had a similar explanation for doing so. In response to this tweet, individuals are pointing out that Boebert is absolutely jealous.


Lara reads banned books in Florida (@MadeInTheUSANJ) on May 1, 2022

You are so sick of her. She''s doing her job.You wouldn''t understand.

CAMPBIZZLE (@happycrazytown) May 1, 2022

Yeah, she is defying her heart.

Regy (@ReginaWilhelmi1) will be born May 1, 2022.

She had a career that you could only dream about.

Craig Brockman (@csbrockman) will meet May 2, 2022.

There''s also the possibility of whether or not a Pelosi border excursion will be successful? Trump made a big show of returning to the location where he wanted a large, beautiful wall, and as Boebert continues to highlight, there''s still a steady stream of migrants across the border.

You''re not sure what politicians coming to the southern border are achieving. Do you believe that if politicians come to the border, the immigration crisis will magically dissipate?

James Lawson (@jlawson0310) will be available for hire on May 1, 2022.

Is zelensky down at our southern border?

Do you know that the border patrol personnel are doing a good job of reprimanding the undocumented?

wait_what? (@waitwha19661081) May 1, 2022

Your boy Trump has been here four times, yet the migrants have never been there.

It is interesting to note that once Trump eliminated the "caravans," others disappeared.

Dean Barnett''s Ghost (@RobertS83007261) will be published on May 2, 2022.

The southern border isn''t a war zone.

Keith (@KeithStar1100) May 1, 2022

Because there''s nothing to behold there.

Joanna Fernandez Sullivan (@Joannafersulli) May 2, 2022

Is there a conflict zone near the border?

Greg (@Greg75674800) May 1, 2022

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