Jack Harlow Appeared For The NBA Refs Who Didn't Know Who He Was

Jack Harlow Appeared For The NBA Refs Who Didn't Know Who He Was ...

Jack Harlow is a true model now, but that does not mean that everyone knows who he is. At the same time, Lil Nas Xs Industry Baby, his own First Class, and his breakout single Whats Poppin are practically ubiquitous at sporting events, but two NBA referees at the last nights playoff game between the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks laughed at Harlows'' expense during a mixed-up moment in which they admitted they had no clue who he was.

He was at the time sitting courtside, so he didn''t get to hear them in person; then, as soon as he arrived home, learned about the viral moment, he got the perfect response. Quite simply, he was offended by his incredibly personal connection and excellent-natured humor. Rather, he was offended by a two 50-year-old NBA refs, and referred to an interesting meme about himself.

According to these mfs, Narnia has never been seen, he joked. Thats certainly a reference to a fan joking tweet highlighting Jacks resemblance to actor James McAvoy, who played the villain in the upcoming narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. It''s a funny moment that allowed him to have the last laugh, without taking himself too seriously.

Narnia https://t.co/JeC3hx7KAr has been never seen by these mfs.

Jack Harlow (@jackharlow) May 1, 2022

In narnia pic.twitter.com/RB1pkukYMc, i will never forget jack harlow.

Karanikolau (@LaNattiqueen) May 1, 2022

Jacks has gone from fanning out in Bryson Tillers DMs to having his fellow Louisvillian singing to promote his upcoming album, Come Home The Kids Miss You. The band, led by Nail Tech and First Class, will drop this Friday, May 6 via Atlantic Records.

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