By sharing a video of the victim allegedly using racist slurs, DaBaby defends himself in the wake of assault charges

By sharing a video of the victim allegedly using racist slurs, DaBaby defends himself in the wake of ...

DaBaby, who was once thought to be in a similar altercation every other week, is concerned about his public view. After being charged with felony battery for allegedly assaulting a property where the Charlotte rapper shot a music video, he wants to end the online chatter about his character. Over the weekend, he posted a fake video of the accused victim, Gary Prager, using racist slurs as he rises in a driveway.

DaBaby wrote that Yall keep believing these kinds of individuals while aiding him hang my black ass on a tree. On today''s episode of Lets Make DaBaby look like a bad person, Gary Pragar is a PROUD white supremacist who is not sure that he is captured on camera.

Yall keep beliving these kinds of people & aiding em assassinate my character.

DaBaby (@DaBabyDaBaby) April 30, 2022

As an editor, DaBaby has made my eye itch. While most individuals think it is probably too late to start up his self-defense argument before he killed a man in an altercation at a Walmart. However, his behavior has since not changed in the past year. His previous appearance was based on Baby Jesus, which he has released under his current name (changed from Baby Jesus in late 2018).

When he performed some homophobic-sounding remarks at Rolling Loud Miami in July 2021, there was certainly an incident that turned public opinion against him the most. Hes since apologized and defended himself, but has also ridiculed critics, making those apologies ridiculed. At this point, he must recognize that if the whole world is against you, it is likely.

If that is Gary Prager in the video he posted, then you may argue that the guy had it coming. However, there is no law protecting the right to knock out someone''s tooth for being a bigot. DaBaby may hope to develop some effective conflict resolution capabilities and let karma do the heavy lifting in the future.

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