If Twitter gets rid of rude spam bots, Elon Musk would lose roughly half his followers

If Twitter gets rid of rude spam bots, Elon Musk would lose roughly half his followers ...

The single most common flaw with Twitter is that individuals take selfies in their car while wearing sunglasses its bots. According to Twitter''s potential new owner Elon Musk, who recently asked his 90 million absolutely human followers if they want an edit button. They''re becoming extremely annoying. Improving the verification system to prove that youre an actual *real* human would assist with this, Musk wrote back, the single most annoying issue on twitter imo.

According to Time, the Tesla CEO wants Twitter to be built up of all real people, but that would put a significant flaw in his followers: SparkToro, a Twitter auditing tool that estimates that roughly 48 percent of Musks followers are fake. (Fake being defined as unreachable and will not see the accounts tweets, either because they are spam, bots, propaganda, etc.

Musk has over 7% more fake followers than the median 41% of accounts with similar sized followings, according to SparkToro. By analysing more than 25 factors correlated with spam, bots, and low quality accounts, the auditing tool found that accounts that are on an unusually small number of lists, no url or a non-resolving url in their profile, and accounts with a suspiciously small number of followers were some of the most commonly observed traits from a sample of 2,000 random accounts from

Musks are the third largest group of fake followers, including Bill Gates (46 percent) and Kim Kardashian (44). He is the seventh most-followed account on the social media platform overall, with Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Taylor Swift all taking a major hit if bots were completely eliminated from Twitter. Except for the bots with Rick and Morty quotes in their bios. They''ll be allowed to stay.

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