Quintar and the PGA Tour have expanded their collaboration on virtual reality

Quintar and the PGA Tour have expanded their collaboration on virtual reality ...

During the years of the epidemic, golf suffered from reduced viewership. In particular, attendance is increasing at live events. The PGA Tour intends to keep that trend by launching a new augmented reality program with Quintar.

The PGA Tour is revolutionizing the golf experience. It is employing the latest in technology to create the most engaging experiences its viewers have seen. Conditions on the tour are changing to a new normal. This way, the Tour knows that it must increase the immersion for those who attend. This will continue to hold the momentum in that trend.

The PGA has partnered with Quintar, a company that is a leading provider of augmented reality (AR) for Sports Entertainment. The Tour will use AR as a viewing enhancement on mobile devices for participants of live events. The course will use a mobile app via the app store, but the AR mode is activated.

Sophisticated telemetry for an immersive experience

Scott Gutterman, the senior vice president of digital operations for the PGA Tour, claims that The PGA TOUR is excited to expand his collaboration with Quintar, aiming to create a more immersive and engaging tournament experience for fans. We have seen positive interaction and growth with our previous Quintar AR engagements and are looking forward to continuing the momentum.

Q.reality, a live sports and entertainment platform, is in turn provided for those attending specific PGA Tour events. ShotLink is an infrastructure system that has several lasers sent on golf courses that can track shots in three dimensions. This technique provides additional information, such as swing speeds, ball speeds, and spin rates.

The app will provide real-time information on every shot by every player during the tournament. It will also include social aspects as well. Tools geared toward fans will allow the group to select player replays. AR will then use overlays that indicate tee-shot trajectory, ball-speed at apex, scoring, distances, and other crucial statistics. Users may then combine these with imagery and share them with friends over social media.

The organization is focusing its efforts on live event experiences and hopes that this increase will enable more people to return to the links. This should enhance the overall experience of attending a PGA Tour in person. However, video game enthusiasts will still have to wait for their turn to experience their own augmented reality of PGA events.

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