This could prove that dark matter communicates with visible matter via gravity

This could prove that dark matter communicates with visible matter via gravity ...

Is dark matter related to the kind of matter we''re made of? Astrophysicists have long questioned how dark matter is related to the visible (or baryonic) matter that includes stars, galaxies, and everything we can directly observe. In a recent study, scientists have explained how dark matter interacts.

In Einstein''s field equations, dark matter connects with visible matter through a non-minimal coupling with gravity. This method allows the dark matter to enclose a curvature in spacetime that follows the laws of energy and momentum.

If the researchers are correct, then it makes sense that dark matter would not interact with spacetime the same way as baryonic matter.

The difference between dark matter and visible matter is that we all talk differently.

Researchers from Giovanni Gandolfi, Andrea Lapi, and Stefano Liberati examined data from numerous spiral galaxies. Based on their findings, they propose that dark matter and baryonic matter may interact in a way that isn''t expected by us. For example, generally, it is assumed that there is no difference in the way both forms of matter perceive spacetime. However, if non-minimal coupling exists, this suggests otherwise.

"We asked ourselves if gravity is wrong or are we just missing something crucial about dark matter''s nature?" What if dark matter and standard ''baryonic'' matter do not communicate in the way we had always imagined?"

Many physicists believe dark matter is mostly made up of hypothetical weakly interacting massive particles. However, until today, scientists are unsure of the existence of such particles, because nobody has ever discovered the same. On the other hand, some cosmologists in the past have discovered the relationship between gravity and dark matter and even proposed that the latter has been derived from gravitons (hypothetical quantum units that collectively increase the gravitational force).

A recent study examines the key role played by gravity in the interactions between visible and dark matter. It indicates that non-minimal coupling can be seen as a source of gravitational variation in regular matter, and this is probably the way the two different forms of matter interact.

Another answer to the non-believers

Dark matter is considered one of the most debatable topics in the scientific community. From time to time, research papers and reports are published from both sides that support and argue the existence of dark matter.

Scientists who question the presence of dark matter are aware that if a matter has never been discovered, or has never even revealed itself in the presence of any kind of electromagnetic radiation then it is unlikely to exist. However, according to Gandolfi and his team, dark matter is everywhere and it is an integral part of our universe interconnecting galaxies and other elements.

The authors claim that among other things, the views of those who argue that dark matter does not exist and therefore gravity must be changed, are based on the difficulty of finding an explanation to this problem, which is one of the last missing pieces for a global understanding of dark matter. While not a piece of new exotic fundamental physics, this feature of dark matter is not a piece of new.

Gandolfi emphasizes that their study is only one theory, and that additional research is required to examine and confirm the special significance of dark matter discussed in their paper.

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