Bitcoin is Stupid and Unusual, according to Charlie Munger

Bitcoin is Stupid and Unusual, according to Charlie Munger ...

During Berkshire Hathaway''s annual shareholder meeting, billionaire investors Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger lowered Bitcoin.

"I''m not going to buy anything from you if you said me you owned all of the Bitcoin in the world, and you paid me $25," Buffett said. "What would I do with it?"

Buffet said Bitcoin was like an insurance company that claimed it was a technological innovation. It''s got a magic to it, but people have attached magic to a lot of things," he said. In the past, the Bitcoin rat poison was squared.

"In my life, I try and avoid things that are stupid, evil, and make me look bad when it comes to someone else," Charlie Munger said. "Bitcoin does all three."

Coincidentalism, according to Munger, was like a venereal illness, and more calls to be banned.

He said there was a lot of speculation behind the tragedy.

Munger claimed to shareholders that in the future the value of Bitcoin would rise to zero dollars, and that the crypto holders were deceptive. He also accused the decentralized currency of mismanagement.

Munger said that China banned cryptocurrency, and Americas failing to do the same made it look hazy.

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