Taco Bells: How To Make It The Meximelt, For Cinco de Mayo

Taco Bells: How To Make It The Meximelt, For Cinco de Mayo ...

The Meximelt is returning to Taco Bell''s menu next month. Which sparked the nostalgia: when did Taco Bell eliminate its menu two years ago, but it wasn''t only a favor for many, but it was also simple to make and didn''t require complicated packaging like the Mexican Pizza. It''s a bug away from the current menu type of.

The whole thing is a little unnecessary, as if someone at the Bells headquarters had it out for the Meximelt. Or for ourselves.

For those who are missing the simple but affable flavors of the Meximelt, you can purchase a Cheesy Roll-Up and add Pico de Gallo and ground beef. It''s basically the same thing, but its not quite as substantial. So why not make it ourselves until Taco Bell wises up or a huge music personality urges them to bring it back and they cave.

Wendy''s savory nuggs were rescued by chance. Doja Cat handled Mexican Pizza. Who will be the Meximelts champion?

Despite our sadness over the Meximelts'' death, it''s not exactly exactly, and I know this is difficult for Meximelt stans to hear anything special. It''s basically a ground beef soft taco with pico de gallo instead of lettuce, and a melted three-cheese blend instead of Taco Bells traditional grated cheddar. That''s not exactly a culinary miracle, but there''s something special about the way the cheese melts and transforms this

It''s strange alchemy, but whew, it works. (Meanwhile, a slightly underdone Meximelt is horrifying. Again odd.)

Because this dish is so simple to make, it shouldn''t surprise anyone that the internet is full of copycat recipes on how to prepare this dish at home. What is surprising though is that they''re all terrible. Not some, not all. Seriously, youll discover obvious tricks like adding taco seasoning to your meat or throwing the whole thing in the microwave to make it all melty.

People who put tortillas in a microwave are hated to make tortillas. A big deal. The Meximelt was cooked in a timed warmer rather than a microwave as was the Mexican Pizza.

Today, we will not only teach you how to make the Meximelt, but also teach you how to make it better than Taco Bell ever could. Lets cook.

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