During his White House correspondents dinner set, Trevor Noah gave up an open defense of the press's freedom

During his White House correspondents dinner set, Trevor Noah gave up an open defense of the press's ...

Trevor Noah was the first comedian to participate in the annual White House Correspondents Dinner in four years. The last one was Michelle Wolf, who was so infamous among Republicans, that the next year they brought in a historian. (Donald Trump, one of the planet''s thinnest-skinned men, never roasted everyone. But he used the plot to get a little serious.

Noah said the media is in a tough position. It''s easier than ever before to inform the public. Those who have been accused of lying about the election are still alive; everyone in this room is a secret pedophile. That''s exactly what Clarence Thomas'' wife believes.

Noah described what was living through right now the golden age of conspiracy theories, ob the right wing believing Trump can still win the 2020 election, or the left wing believing Biden can still win the 2024 election. (Biden gave the reader a laugh-and-clap.)

Noah was so sad. I hope you all remember when you sit in this room, people. Yes, this evening is fun. Yes, people eat, drink, and we have fun. What you stand for is an additional check and balance that gives power to account and gives voice to those who otherwise wouldnt have one.

He continued to say that the outcome will be clear.

Whenever you think about your duties, you should look no further than what happened in Ukraine. Even if you think about it, you have the right to seek the truth and speak it yourself. Even if it makes viewers or readers displeasure. How amazing does that sound?

He then pointed out that not only Biden had to take off his roasting. I stood here tonight and I mocked President Joe Biden, and he''s going to be fine. He then addressed Biden directly: I''m going to be fine, right?

Ask yourself this question: If Russian journalists, who are losing their livelihood and their freedom for reporting on what their own government is doing, they had the freedom to write any words, to reveal any stories, or to ask a question, if they had basically what you have, would they be using it in the same way you do? Because you have one of the world''s most important functions.

In the video above, you can see Noah''s entire set. His closing remarks are made around the 22:30 mark.

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