Ram Has a Product That Ford, GM, Rivian, and Tesla Won't Like

Ram Has a Product That Ford, GM, Rivian, and Tesla Won't Like ...

This is where will be played the most difficult task in the pursuit of electric vehicles (EVs): trucks and pickups.

This type of electrification is certainly the one whose margins aren''t as high as in luxury electric sedans, but it is the one where sales volumes will be among the highest. And. sales volumes are also popular. It is quite possible that the winner of this race will often be identified as The Maker or The Brand of Electric Pickups.

All the participants are aware of this. And as in a car race, they know that whatever company in pole position has the advantage, but that does not guarantee it to finish the race on the track layout. When should the leaders stop? How long should they stop?

Get Rivian Automotive, Inc. Class A Report, the young manufacturer of electric pickups and SUVs, won qualifying and started the race on pole. Rivian, the company of Amazon (AMZN) and Get Amazon.com, Inc. Reportand Ford (F) - Ford Motor Company reportas, LLC started manufacturing its electric truck, the R1T, in September.

Ram Teases its First All-electric Pickup.

Get General Motors Company Reportcame second in qualifying with the GMC EV Pickup, the iconic Hummer''s electric version, the first deliveries of which took place at the end of 2021.

Ford''s long-awaited F-150 Lightning and the fastest-selling F-150 are third. The Dearborn, Michigan automaker has just begun production of the F-150 Lightning, but has had to cancel reservations owing to overwhelming consumer interest.

Then come in an order that the jurors of the race have yet to determine GM again, with the Chevrolet Silverado electric pickup expected for the fall 2023 and Tesla (TSLA) - Get Tesla Inc Report and its very bizarre Cybertruck, who will start production in 2023 after being postponed several times.

Ram is not alone, but the Stellantis (STLA) announces that the Stellantis N.V. Reportpickup brand, Fiat Chrysler and French Peugeot have combined to form Stellantis, knows that the race is still lost. If Ram masters all the unexpected elements of this battle, it''s quite possible that the group will catch up with the leaders.

The company has just revealed a new teaser on its first all-electric Ram 1500 pickup truck, which is expected to arrive in 2024. The new 15-second video was posted on Twitter. Entitled Ram Revolution, it shows the front of the vehicle which appears to be a futuristic design. This vehicle has a LED headlight, which will certainly make people talk.

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"It''s time to steal some thunder," the brand said, clearly referring to the F-150 Lightning. "Unleashing Fall 2022." https://RamRevolution.com

Ram Is Building Excitement

There is still a slight flaw on this vehicle, but we can already see some details. We know that the grille will be widening and huge as a pick-up grille should be, but the teaser gives us an unblemished visual image, composed of pliers optics on both sides of the grille, like lightning segments that come to stimulate and animate the RAM 1500 pickup.

The base will be the all-new STLA Frame platform, which offers a range of up to 500 miles and battery packs between 159 and 200+ kWh.

We do not know if the teaser we see in this teaser and in another teaser unveiled in March will be the vehicle that will be manufactured or simply a prototype, according to the government.

While waiting to hear more, some commentators on Twitter are already settling down on the exciting race that is shaping up in the truck segment between legacy automobiles and disruptors.

"I''m resting off buying a truck to save for this new electric Ram," one user said. "I think I have three years to save."

"Cant wait. Please make the truck look better than other electric cars," another user said.

"I''ll be doing my Cybertruck purchase soon... I''ll be back...," one Twitter user said.

Stellantis, which has been slower to adopt electric automobiles than its US and European competitors, is just beginning to gain momentum around its new electric vehicle lineup. Last year, the company announced a comprehensive plan to electrify the lineups of most of its vehicles, including EV versions of popular Dodge cars as well as several Jeep models.

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