Moist Fermentation Has Obtained a "Fruitier" Dark Chocolate

Moist Fermentation Has Obtained a "Fruitier" Dark Chocolate ...

Chocolate, which is considered one of the world''s most well-known sweets, is a multistep process starting with freshly harvested cocoa beans. Nevertheless, people have been experimenting with chocolate-making for millennia, and even today, new methods are being incorporated. Now, researchers claim that an alternative processing method called moist incubation results in a fruitier, more flowery chocolate than the conventional fermentation process.

After cocoa beans are harvested, they are typically covered in banana leaves and left for a few days to ferment. This process, which is more efficient and effectively controlled, has induced biochemical changes in the beans, thus reducing bitterness and astringency. Using moist incubation, we found that fermentation would alter the flavor and aromas of the beans, as well as reducing bitterness and astringency.

The researchers used moist incubated cacao beans as a control, while unfermented beans had high sweet aromas, thus the moist incubated sample was considered the sweetest tasting, and the unfermented one was significantly more bitter and astringent. GC-mass spectrometry, combined with their subsequent quantitation, indicated that moist incubation yielded a pleasant aroma and flavor.

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