In a battle, renowned Ukrainian fighter pilot 'Ghost of Kyiv' was murdered

In a battle, renowned Ukrainian fighter pilot 'Ghost of Kyiv' was murdered ...

Last February, thehost of Kyiv sat down across the world as a distinguished Ukrainian opponent responsible for destroying five Russian planes and a helicopter. Since then his supposed tally had expanded to 49 Russian aircraft. In March, we were even treated to a selfie of the famous pilot.

According to a statement from The London Times on Friday, the courageous pilot who was identified as Sergey Stepan Tarabalka, 29, was killed on March 13 when "overwhelming" Russian forces shot down the MiG-29 he was flying.

His spirit is alive and well

The Ghost of Kyiv is alive and embodies a collective image of the highly-qualified pilots of the tactical aviation brigade capable of successfully protecting Kyiv and the surrounding area.

Tarabalka died as a result of his death with the Gold Star," according to Ignat. Hishelmet and goggles are expected to fetch money at an auction in London.

Who is Tarabalka?

Tarabalka, who was born in the small village of Korolivka to a working-class family, decided to graduate from the Kharkiv National University of the Air Force. He had a wife and an eight-year-old son.

His parents shared an interview with NPR, in which they explained their son''s passion for the skies and his country.

"He would always watch the paratroopers in their air exercises. And he would run in their direction to try to see where they landed. He always dreamed of the sky since his early age, and said, "Foot higher than the clouds." His mother said.

Tarabalka was awarded Ukraine''s top medal for bravery in combat, the Order of the Golden Star, with the title Hero of Ukraine, but his parents said they wish they had their son with them.

"When Tarabalka was with us, he had already earned and deserved this medal, this honor," his father said. "We are proud of him. We wish him to receive this honor following the war. We wish he would be alive."

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