High-performance Heterogeneous Catalysis Flow Chemistry System

High-performance Heterogeneous Catalysis Flow Chemistry System ...

Uniqsis'' FlowLab Column is a continuous flow chemistry technique that has been developed as a low-cost high-performance replacement for traditional stirred batch reactors that are often used for heterogeneous liquid phase reactions.

FlowLab Column is a powerful tool for in-depth mixing and perfect control over reaction parameters, resulting in greater reaction rates and higher yields.

The FlowLab Column is based on a HotCoil heated reactor module fitted with a HotColumn adapter, which allows operation to a maximum of +260 C (300 C as an option).

As standard, the FlowLab Column can either accommodate six 316 stainless steel columns in individual insulated holders, each capable of operating up to 100 bar. Or, six glass columns with adjustable end pieces and plunger to vary the catalyst bed volume. These columns operate up to 150C. This arrangement allows for an easy scale-up where the required number of identical columns is simply connected in series.

FlowLab software gives control of the system via a step-through interface that can be learned in minutes and is powerful to operate. Programs can be designed and saved reactions run automatically, including priming and washing. The program is monitored on a real-time display showing temperatures and pressures. FlowLab software also detects any modules that have been added to the system.

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