Picking and Selection for Tubes with a Rapid Time

Picking and Selection for Tubes with a Rapid Time ...

When a rack is scanned according to a picklist, the Mohawk tube selector and picker uses a linear rack reader and ninety-six pins. This innovative technology eliminates the need for slow and costly robotics. Using a Mohawk - a rack is scanned, and tubes are selected and picked in seconds.

Mohawk is without a single rack or a calibration. Control of the Mohawk is through a software that provides an intuitive interface for quick and quick operation. Tubes are selected from a single rack, or a picklist can be set up to select tubes across multiple racks. Pick list operations are usually started from reading the 1D code on a rack placed onto the Mohawk, but manual selection is also possible.

For more sample tracking and security, the Mohawk can be connected directly to a 2D barcode scanner for tubeconfirmation. In this mode it can also generate picklists directly from the tube barcodes. A 1D-scanner for rack barcode is included as standard.

The Mohawk is an asset in sample management applications with thawed or frozen tubes in SLAS standard format racks thanks to its compact design, intuitive software and the ability to integrate with tube barcode readers / scanners.

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