High Integrity Biobanking Specimen Storage Deep Well Plates

High Integrity Biobanking Specimen Storage Deep Well Plates ...

Porvair Sciences'' 96-well polypropylene microplates are the ideal vessel for Biobanks and Biorepositories who want to preserve and maintain valuable specimens over long periods of time.

Biobanking is a technique by which body fluids or tissues are collected for research use to improve our understanding of health and disease. However, maintaining these biological specimens in long-term sample storage conditions is a major challenge. Biobanks and biorepositories are constantly seeking new storage techniques and solutions to ensure better sample quality.

Porvair Sciences creates and designs 96-well round deep well plates for biobanks and biorepositories with a 2-ounce liquid capacity / well in a single-way automated ANSI / SLAS footprint. Measuring just 45 mm in height this innovative 2 mm 96-well deep well plate design has features that prevent ''locking'' when stacked and allow easy heat sealing.

Porvair Sciences'' extensive range of 24-, 48- and 96-well deep well plates are certified as RNase-free and contain no measurable contaminants that might otherwise be leaked out and affect biological specimens.For long term storage at 80 degrees C, Porvair deep well plates can be heat sealed with a wide choice foils and seals, including DMSO-safe seals. A Ultraseal range thermal sealer is used to provide high integrity biological stored specimens.

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