The Next Generation Of JEOL NMR Spectrometers is Coming to JEOL

The Next Generation Of JEOL NMR Spectrometers is Coming to JEOL ...

JEOL USA is proud to announce the next generation of JEOL NMR spectrometers: the ECZ Luminous series. This product is a step in spectrometer miniaturization and improve performance through advanced digital and high-frequency technologies. JEOL USA is a subsidiary of JEOL ltd, a well-respected manufacturer of scientific equipment with over 65 years of experience in producing advanced NMR systems.

In a new ECZL series, a MFDS (Multi Frequency Drive System) allows spectroscopists to execute multiple pulse trains on different nuclei on a single RF channel in a single experiment. The STS (Smart Transceiver System), inherited from the previous model, achieves a time resolution of 5 ns for frequency, phase, and amplitude modulation, allowing ultra-fast control.

The ECZL G series (400 MHz to 1.3 GHz) is the flagship model and allows for expansion to more than three channels, with various benefits for high power amplifiers and high magnetic field gradients.

The ECZL R series (400 to 600 MHz) is a fixed-configuration high-performance model capable of solid-state NMR measurements, which has less than half the footprint and a one-third the volume of previous models.

The ECZL S series (400 MHz) has the same architecture and performance as G and R models, with a configuration that is optimized for routine solution NMR measurements.

JEOLs ECZL spectrometers can be remotely accessed by multiple operators simultaneously. Combined with an automatic sample changer, the ECZ Luminous system can be used remotely in continuous automation for solution and solid-state NMR measurements.

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