During pregnancy, a correct mitochondrial function prevents muscle loss

During pregnancy, a correct mitochondrial function prevents muscle loss ...

sarcopenia is a regenerative process that has shaped the body''s health and its dependability. A number of studies have found that the inflammatory process that causes muscle atrophy is linked to improved muscle longevity. "The reason why some individuals have higher BNIP3, a protein that has been identified)" Dr. Andrea Irazoki, an CIBER researcher, has investigated the investigation.

Poor clearance of mitochondria

mitochondria are essential for cells to maintain proper functioning. As mitochondria age and no longer function properly, the body regularly removes or "recyclates" them through a technique known as mitophagy. This technique is reduced, and defective mitochondria tend to accumulate. "In this work, we aim to clarify the mechanisms that lead to the development of sarcopenia, and to identify solutions to promote healthy ageing at the muscular level."

Future laboratory work will focus on the identification of blood biomarkers with high levels of BNIP3, thus facilitating less invasive analyses, and on understanding what determines high and low BNIP3 levels (if they have a genetic or environmental origin) and why mitochondria clearance is altered with age, and the age at which this phenomenon begins.

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