Fume Hoods from Polypro Trace Metal

Fume Hoods from Polypro Trace Metal ...

UniFlow PolyPro Trace Metal Fume Hoods are specifically designed for applications where accurate testing results require that the fume hood be constructed of non-metallic materials.

Trace Metals Fume hoods are ideal for water treatment, marine and soil science, environmental toxicology, and transportation. The fume chamber and integral work surface are welded one piece seamless of white polypropylene. The exterior is fabricated of chemical and flame resistant white composite resin. The hood is equipped with four sash panels on two tracks, vapor proof lighting, and exhaust collar.

To maintain the non-metallic requirement, a wide range of accessories and services is offered. Fume hood is offered in 48, 60, 72, and 96 wide models in either 30 or 36 depths.

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