Legionella pneumophila is a Legionella test published as an ASTM international standard

Legionella pneumophila is a Legionella test published as an ASTM international standard ...

IDEXX has announced that the Legiolert test for Legionella pneumophila rapid detection has been published by ASTM International as ASTM D8429-21: Standard Test Method for Legionella pneumophila in water samples using Legiolert.

ASTM International is a global standards organization that develops and publishes standards applicable to a wide variety of industries. There are over 12,500 global ASTM standards, which have been developed and reviewed by over 30,000 technical experts from 140 participating countries.

Legiolert has been identified as a recommended method in the UK''s blue book publication, The determination of Legionella bacteria in waters and other environmental samples (2020) Part 2 Culture Methods for their detection and enumeration. Legiolert has also been certified with AFNOR certification for hot and cold sanitary water and cooling tower water (Reference No IDX 33/06 06/19).

Legiolert, a liquid culture technique, was launched in Europe and North America by IDEXX in 2017 as a highly sensitive method for the confirmed detection of Legionella pneumophila (the primary cause of Legionnaires disease) in water, yielding results up to seven days faster than traditional ISO culture testing methods.

More than ten peer-reviewed papers have highlighted the superior performance of Legiolert when it comes to the standard method for detection of Legionella pneumophila. * The ISO 11731 method has a range of limitations, including a significant false negative error rate that can result in undetected contamination and serious risk to human health. In contrast, Legiolert is a culture system which is both accurate and easy to use.

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